martes, 13 de enero de 2015


 Synopsis: Anna lived with her father in the village. One day. they went to the station because Anna was going alone in a train for the first time to visit her aunt in Naira. She went in a train and felt asieep. When she woke up, she had passed Naira two hours ago. A man called Sam was too in the can'nge with her. ïhey went to Poiona. Anna thought that Sam was a bad man. But he took Anna with him once that she was lost. They went to a hotel. There were two Sam’s friends. Subs and Tito. They gave food to Anna and then Sam took her to a room. Ste was very frightened but she felt asleep.The next morning. Sam took her to a boxing ring. Anna understood that Sam wasn't a
bad man; he was only a very good fighter. She was finally Speaking with him. Sam fought with another fighter called Dany. He won the game. Then he took Anna to her aunt in Naira. Her aunt was very pleased to him and invited him to go another time to her house And so they were all friends in the end.


En el mes de Octubre iniciamos la lectura de Anna and the Fighter de Elizabeth  Laird. La lectura resultó muy entretenida y se llevó a cabo en los 10 primeros minutos de clase a lo largo del mes.Gracias a la pizarra digital
pudimos comprobar la pronunciación y la entonación  de los personajes  a través de los capítulos.

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